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Joomla Community Site


MySpace, Orkut, Facebook and Linkedin are all community sites, which have taken the world by storm. They all serve as an exciting medium to connect and interact with people. To have a community site is great, but what you have to remember is that building them is not as simple as you think. Who is asking you to build it? This is where we come.

Building community sites is our specialization, but to develop a highly functional and aesthetically appealing community site we focus our forte in creating Joomla community sites. We are expert in building community site using joomla extensions. Our team will create a unique, engaging and interactive Joomla community website effortlessly.

Why create a community website using joomla?

An online community site is not like any generic dynamic websites. You need to go a step further. To make a powerful community website, Joomla is a first-rate and robust content management system. Only a few community portals are developed by using Joomla right now, but people have started recognizing its advantages. We have been building Joomla community sites for our clients and they are happy with the advanced features that Joomla offers. Joomla is not just a content management system, but also as a powerful community management system.

What features you get:

• Beautiful interface with Pure CSS and XHTML
• Multiple Blogging component support
• Improvised user front end control
• Highly extensible
• Multiple Forum CMS support Fireboard, PHPBB, SMF
• Private messaging system
• Easy to design Templates
• Multilingual support
• User Relationship management
• Photo Management
• Hardened Security

A Joomla community website will help your community portal to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Trust us. It is worth it!

Contact us now! Convert your community site to a world class-networking site with Joomla! We can make that happen!


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