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Joomla Template Design


Do you know of all the web applications available now, Joomla! is the most popular. Joomla is used in almost all the business industries. One of the reasons why Joomla is popular in the online industries is that the websites are always user friendly. From the simple websites to the complex corporate applications, Joomla is used for its simple manageable and reliable properties. It has rich features and adds extra flexibility to any websites.

There are thousands of commercial and free Joomla templates available online but you do not want any ordinary template for your unique website. Don’t get it wrong, Joomla template is a great choice, but that depends on the Joomla template designer you hire.

For a special Joomla template design of your choice - We can help you!

At Joomla Web Development Service, we design Joomla templates for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5. Whether you need a custom Joomla template design or just want to update your Joomla site but keep the current design, our expert Joomla designers will design your bespoke Joomla template with all the functionalities you require.

Now convert your designs into a professional joomla template and give a fresh look. We have a range of pre made Joomla templates as well as custom joomla templates crafted by our professional Joomla designers. You can have the total control over the website appearance and the presentation of the web content or let us do it for you and until you are satisfied with the positioning, graphics and colors, we will make the changes.

Our Joomla templates have been designed using XHTML/CSS and div-based design rather than table-based design. This will help to validate the template code easier to the World Wide Web Consortium standards. Moreover, the Joomla templates will also fare well in the search engine results, load faster, maintain and manage easily.

You do not have to do much. Just make a decision and contact us soon!


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We are a computer training institute and are constantly making changes to our site. However, this can be problematic at times. With Joomla Web Development Services, we no longer have to rely on our IT guys to make any changes! Our site is updated regularly and all updates and changes are done without any hassle. When it was time to update our site, we had so many different options, but Joomla Web Development Services has been the best product! Everything about Joomla is superb – right from the quality of the product to the excellence of the service and even the affordability of the prices! Read More

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