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Joomla Component Development


Joomla is the most useful Open Source CMS and is popular for its proven features. However, the main building blocks of Joomla are its components. If you want to meet the demands of the Internet, Joomla components will help you to lessen the load. Joomla can give you a wide range of choices, but to extend the functionality, Joomla components are important.

Joomla components are widely popular for their multi facet features. Joomla components are content specialized applications and elements. The components are included in Joomla to enhance the features. Joomla comes with in-built components making the part of their core features. The components being modular in nature make it possible to enhance and improve Joomla features in almost any direction. With the Joomla components, you can build a community through the expanded user features, manage clients via a client management system, backup a website, send email marketing campaigns and perform database checks to name a few.

If you want your Joomla website to do something custom-made and specific then, tell us your functionality and we will build the component. Our team of experts can develop Joomla component and there will be no limitations to reach your Joomla site’s full potential.

Components that are included with Joomla are:

  • Banners
  • Contacts
  • Web Links
  • Newsfeeds
  • Polls
  • Different Forms

At Joomla Web Development, we have been developing Joomla components meeting the specific requirements of our clients. We are here to deliver results! We do our service with a CAN DO’ approach! Contact us right now to enhance the features of your Joomla website.


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