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Joomla Menu Development


Most Joomla templates come with default menu module. If you are not satisfied with the default menu and want to customize it to a dynamic DHTML menu for your website – We can do it!

You can choose from various Joomla menu types for your Joomla website. Some of these menus are more advanced and sophisticated than the default menu module. At Joomla Web Development, we develop customized dynamic DHTML menu for your Joomla websites.

Some of the menu types you can choose are:

  • Suckerfish
  • Static Menu
  • Image Menu
  • Dynamic Menu
  • CSS Menu

The menu is a crucial part of any template. A menu can have a great impact on the website look and functionality. We make sure you get the menu developed according to your specification and keep things simple and easy to maintain.

Along with the choices of menu types, you can also check out the different menu item types.


Gives access to the content. You can choose from category, section, articles, archive and front page. Within section, category and archive, you can choose list or blog layouts.

List Layout

Gives tabular list of all the titles in that particular category or section.

Blog Layout

Shows listing of the entire article of the selected blog type in the main body position of the template.


It is used for placing stand-alone applications as well as Third Party Web sites inside Joomla site.

Each Component

This menu item has its own link. You may require making additional choices of options.

External Link

This menu allows you to link to an external site. At some point, this menu item will be used for linking directly on a page of your website.


This is a non-linkable menu item where text and image is made.


In this menu item, we can create links to match an existing menu item. This menu item prevents the problem of having several URLs to point at the same content.

Trust us to develop a custom Joomla menu for better manageability and performance for your joomla website. Contact us soon and get the Joomla menu integrated in just how you want it.


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